Road Traffic Accident Claims

Hansells has, for a long time, had one of the largest and most experienced Personal Injury Department in Norfolk dealing with road traffic accident claims. These can vary from small whiplash claims, which may be worth £1000, to claims involving paralyses which can be valued into the millions of pounds. What is important to Hansells is ensuring your claim is dealt with in the right way and that you get the care and consideration of the highest standard.

Our team are trained to deal with all types of road traffic accidents and to guide you through the procedure which can often be daunting for those involved in an accident for the first time. We will deal with the issues of liability, if this is in dispute, recovery of your losses and also getting you private treatment to ensure that you recover as quickly as possible.

What is important is getting your health back to how it was before the accident. Although we appreciate no amount of money can replace your health we can assist with your recovery and losses as well as compensation for the injury itself.

We appreciate that, despite the media stating that most whiplash claims are fraudulent, that this is not the case. If you sustain a whiplash injury we recognise that this is a very painful condition which often requires treatment to recover from.  If your car is damaged in an accident you expect to recover the cost of the repairs. You should consider no less in relation to your health so if you have any injury do not hesitate to contact us so that we can assist you.

Funding need not be a worry as we do accept cases on a No Win No fee basis.  This means if your case is not successful you have no legal fees to pay.

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