Richard Wood

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Richard Wood, a barrister with over 20 years experience, works closely with Hansells as a consultant, helping clients who are the subject of criminal investigation or charge. Richard is an expert in Criminal Law and Motoring Cases.  Richard also deals with murder cases, manslaughter, fraud, sexual offences including rape, assault, breach of protective orders, motoring offences, health and safety and regulatory breaches.

The Legal 500 Directory of Lawyers says Richard “always provides clear and pragmatic advice.

Richard is be able to guide clients through the legal complexities of any case, and agree upon a clear and concise strategy in partnership with his client.

Murder and Manslaughter – Richard has been involved in allegations of murder and manslaughter, as a Junior in the case. These cases have included allegations of ‘accidental’ overdosing of a child on drugs, as well as murders arising out of feuds between organised drug gangs. Richard works with clients at an early stage in the case, and ensures that all of the necessary evidence is collated, including any expert evidence necessary for the best presentation of the defence.

Fraud and Corporate Crime – Whether a commercial organisation, or an individual, then an allegation of fraud or some other financially based criminal offence remains a possibility, even for those who are relatively diligent in their attempts at compliance with regulations. These cases often involve directors of companies who inadvertently become responsible for compliance issues.  Richard has been involved in the following fraud cases:

R v L – Richard was led in a complex and high-value employee fraud. The defendant was accused of fabricating over 3 million pounds worth of Ministry of Defence procurement orders, resulting in catastrophic losses to his employer.

R v H – Richard appeared in a case that involved large scale theft from the Defendant’s employee, the fruits of which he used to create an internet based business with huge turnover.  This case involved a massive volume of documentation relating to his activities on “Ebay” and other internet trading sites.

Organised Crime – Richard has acted in a number of cases of alleged organised crime such as large scale importation of drugs, cigarettes etc involving multiple Defendants. These cases present particular difficulties for clients, involving jurisdictions outside of the UK, and problematic issues relating to disclosure of evidence.

Over the years, Richard has demonstrated an ability to absorb and process large volumes of documentation, and thereby assist a Defendant to present his case in the strongest possible way.  Organised crime cases Richard has been involved with:

R v N – Richard defended, as Leading Junior, a multi-handed car ringing case involving a huge quantity of evidence covering a long period of alleged offending.

Sexual Offences – Allegations of a sexual nature are always the most keenly felt by clients, involving as they do a fundamental attack on judgment and good character. Historic and high profile failures by the police to treat sexual complaints seriously now mean that similar allegations are invariably prosecuted. This is sometimes at the expense of fairness to the Defendant.  The key to these types of offences often lies in the disclosure of material held by third parties such as social services and the local education authority. Richard will ensure that these issues are carefully scrutinised and vigorously pursued. If appropriate, counter allegations of bad character against complainants and other prosecutions witnesses will be made on behalf of the client.

Motoring Offences – Often underestimated in importance by other lawyers, Richard is fully aware that a conviction for a serious motoring offence, and a resultant disqualification from driving, can be a life changing event. It can mean loss of employment. Representation by a barrister is affordable.

Richard advises and represents taxi drivers before the Licensing Sub-Committee hearings and at appeals to the Magistrates Court and beyond. He also deals with appeals against revocations of driving licences on medical grounds by the DVLA.