Careless Driving

Motoring Offences

Motoring Offences cover a wide variety of road traffic issues. We are highly specialised in providing legal advice and representation to you on all aspects of road traffic law across England and Wales. We have helped many drivers accused of the following motoring offences:

You will have been stopped by the police, a speeding ticket or some other notification in the post that you are to be charged with an offence. We will provide you with quick advice over the telephone, which is free and without obligation. Just call 0808 156 11 77 to solve your problem now! You will want to know if you can keep your driving licence – we will tell you if this is possible, and if so, how to go about it.

If required, a member of our experienced team will make an appointment for you to come in to our offices to discuss the facts of the offence and your personal circumstances. If needed, we will liaise with the court, the police, and the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) on your behalf prior to the hearing.

We can help you with ‘special reasons’ arguments, or submissions of ‘exceptional hardship.’

If you have the opportunity to appeal we can provide the help and guidance needed to carry this out. We will be able to guide you through the appellate process either in the Crown Court or Court of Appeal.

We will try to recover some or all of your costs of any successful defence and/or an appeal.

Please call our 24 hour advice line on 0808 156 11 77 or email 

(**Calls are free from UK landlines. Calls from other networks may vary. For exact call costs, please contact your network provider).

What some of our clients say about us…….

“thank you all for your excellent service every step of the way and for being so understanding”

“I was very pleased with the service I received from Richard. I was more then happy with the outcome of the case and would have no hesitation to use you again or recommend your services to any of my friends.” [Mr Smith; driving without insurance and special reasons; July 2015]”