Collaborative Law

We offer Collaborative Law as a means of reaching agreement following a separation.

Couples who choose to sign up to the Collaborative Law process will sign an agreement at the outset that neither party will initiate Court proceedings.  Rather than the more traditional process of a couple choosing to negotiate through Solicitors the Collaborative Law process involves the clients and their legal representative engaging in a series of four-way meetings with the intention being that constructive discussions will take place in order to find solutions that work for you and your family.

To work effectively, the Law requires honesty, openness and commitment from the outset.  If the process breaks down both parties need to instruct new lawyers and start afresh with traditional negotiation or Court proceedings.  This is one of the main incentives to you and your partner making the collaborative process work.

For further information about the process please contact Sally Harris

How much it will cost?

Each case is unique and therefore legal fees will vary depending upon your individual circumstances.