Civil Partnership

Civil Partnership – the process involved for dissolving a civil partnership is the same as for marriage.

Choosing to dissolve your civil partnership can have serious implications in relation to financial matters and also in relation to arrangements for the children.

If you wish to dissolve your civil partnership a Dissolution Petition will need to be filed at Court.  The only ground upon which the Dissolution Petition can be filed is that the partnership has broken down irretrievably. This “irretrievable breakdown” must be proved by one of the following four reasons:-

  1. Unreasonable behaviour.
  2. You have been separated for two years and both of you consent to the dissolution.
  3. You have been separated for five years (consent from your partner is not required).
  4. Your partner has deserted you and you have lived apart for at least two years.

What financial claims can be made?

Once dissolution proceedings have started the Court are able to make the same Order in respect of finances that can be made within divorce proceedings including Orders for lump sum payments, maintenance, pension provision and Orders in relation to property.