Bankruptcy Petitions


bankruptcyAs of 6 April 2016, the Court is no longer involved in any individual bankruptcy applications.  All applications are now submitted online via the central UK Government website, GOV.UK, to the “Adjudicator” within the Insolvency Service.  Liz Thomas, who formerly held the position of Official Receiver in East Anglia has been appointed as the Adjudicator.

The application fee to submit online is £130 whereas before a court fee of £180 was payable.  As this fee goes to the insolvency service, not the Court, it is no longer possible to be exempt or get a fee remission.  The deposit has increased to £550 from £525 from 21 July 2016.

A creditor of an individual will still need to petition the Court for a person’s bankruptcy, and the creditor petition level was increased to £5000 from £750 in October 2015.

Submitted by Mark Scott – Dispute Resolution Executive