NNLS Trainee Lawyer of the Year 2019 Won by our Aileen Newman.. Aileen shares her story

NNLS Trainee Lawyer of the Year 2019 Won by our Aileen Newman…On a rainy day in 2013 I was sitting opposite a red-faced, unhappy solicitor who detested computers.  I was a newly appointed IT Trainer and Developer and it was my job to convince him technology was here to make his life easier.  As you can imagine, it was a challenge.  I had been at Hansells for nearly three years, and in my second role since starting on reception.  Little did the red-faced solicitor know, it was his job I really wanted!!  I finally took the plunge and decided to study law.  I received fantastic support from Hansells Partners and colleagues which made life a lot easier.

Travelling down to London on weekends to undertake a Graduate Diploma in Law, also known as the conversion course, and followed it up with the equally gruelling Legal Practice Course.  Just over four years later I found myself nominated for NNLS Trainee Lawyer of the Year.  I was ecstatic when the President, Richard Bailey, read out my name as the winner!

It has been a long process and I have learned a lot along the way.  I am now in the final stages of my training contract and will qualify as a solicitor before the end of the year.  Although I have experienced many types of legal work in my training, I decided to settle in the Family department, with Consultant Solicitor Neil Stubbs, and assistants Louise Farrow and Kathryn Buxton.

We are a tight knit, reliable team and proudly assist clients with a vast range of family law issues including Divorce and Separation, Cohabiting Couples, Pre-nuptial/Post-nuptial Agreements, Financial Settlement Orders and children related issues including Child Arrangement Orders.

We practise out of all our 6 offices across the county so can accommodate clients at their convenience.  If you require any assistance with a Family Law matter please get in touch  AileenNewman@Hansells.co.uk.