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DVLA Revocation

The DVLA has power under the Road Traffic Act 1988 to revoke a person’s driving licence where there is evidence that the driver is suffering from a medical condition which might compromise his/her ability to drive safely.

It is not unusual for a revocation of a driving licence to come out of the blue. Most drivers are not aware of the DVLA’a powers to revoke driving licences in these circumstances.

The DVLA claims to work within guidance, but it has been our experience that a number of decisions can appear highly arbitrary. The DVLA has six Honorary Medical Advisory Panels to the Secretary of State, which advise on the main medical grounds which can lead to loss of driving licences. These are:

▪   cardiology
▪   neurology
▪   diabetes
▪   vision
▪   alcohol or substance misuse and dependence
▪   psychiatry.

We receive enquiries from clients who have experienced problems relating to all of the above categories. Difficulties often arise when a licence holder’s GP divulges information to the DVLA about purported symptoms or diagnoses, without the GP telling the patient.

Those who have had their licences revoked can appeal the decision to their local magistrates court within 6 months of the date of the revocation. These appeals are won or lost on the strength of the medical evidence. It will often be necessary for us to obtain independent expert medical evidence about our client’s condition so as to be able to rebut the evidence relied upon by the DVLA.

Richard Wood of Hansells Solicitors is a barrister and one of the leading authorities on recovering driving licences which have been revoked by the DVLA. He will be able to guide you through the process and give you the best chance of getting your licence back.

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If you have had your driving licence revoked by the DVLA and need advice and representation in relation to an appeal, then please call Richard Wood of Hansells Solicitors for a free and without obligation discussion about your case with a barrister of over 20 years experience.

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